About Jay

My Corvettes

My Uncle Morrie bought the Corvette on the left, new in 1959.  Many fond memories go along with that car.  Since I was my uncles only male heir,  he for many years promised one day that the Corvette would be mine when he tired of it.  Because he was still having such fun with the car when he turned 78, I decided to buy one on my own – the one on the right.  At 80 years old, my uncle called me and said it was time and that I could pick up his Corvette – and now I have two!

My Business Side

Living in Silicon Valley can be surreal and exciting – there is no place like this place in terms of creativity than any place in the world.  I love being involved with companies that live on edge and constantly reinventing themselves for the betterment of the company and their customers and of society.

My experience runs across a wide ranges of industries such as social media, software, networking and hardware and applying hi-tech solutions to advertising and the media & entertainment markets.  I’ve worked for both large companies and small start-ups and even co-founded my own company focused on social networks of music fans.  I’ve been a CEO, COO, and have headed product management and marketing organizations.

My Politics.

My politics run blue.  I believe most people are honest and hardworking and that there are inherent inequities in our society where some people just need a hand, not a hand-out, to overcome these inequities.  I believe capitalism both inspires the best and worst in us.  I do believe in some governmental regulation where the principals of free markets really don’t work in certain market  (like in medical care.) or where monopolistic power corrupts or leads us to an oligarchy.

Religion in My Life

Ethnically, I’m Jewish and I believe in many reform Judaic principles although I’m not very religious and I question the existence of a g-d, yet am awed by the wonders of the universe.  My most frustrating aspect of religion is the number of conflicts caused by religious differences rather than looking at how we all have a common foundation and must find ways to live together.  We all may have different religions, skin color, race and language but we are all belong to one human race here on earth.

I have been President of my synagogue, Congregation Shir Hadash.  And, I am currently on the Board of the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley.





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