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Ways to #Resist Trump

Friends keep asking the question on what they can do to #Resist Trump, so I’ve started a list of things that is easy for everyone of us to do.  Please suggest more in comments. Write letters to your representative Write … Continue reading

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How the House of Representatives Could Choose the President

It’s entirely possible in this election year for the House of Representatives to select our president this year.  What few realize is that a victor in the general election must reach an absolute majority – that is, at least 50% … Continue reading

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Risks in Selling Disruptive Technologies

New, disruptive technologies generally are incubated best in small, entrepreneurial start-up companies.  However, selling these sorts of technologies can become a daunting task.  One example of a highly disruptive technology is software-defined networking (SDN). SDN has been a glimmer in … Continue reading

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Why are there no “B” size batteries?

Actually, “B” size batteries, as well as “A” and “F” batteries do exist.  “C”, “D”, and “AA” and “AAA” batteries have just become the most commonly adopted by most consumer manufacturers and the others never really caught on commercially.   … Continue reading

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A Social Capital Model for Business

What is “Social Capital?” It is a measure of both the economic and non-economic value of ones social ecosystem. And the context of this article, the online social network. More specifically, it’s about engagement. At an individual level, most of … Continue reading

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Angel Investing: Think Exit Strategy First

Many angel investors in start-up companies really don’t know what they are doing.  Although there are some  smart angels investors who make a good return, I’d say the majority don’t.   However, there is clearly a “coolness” factor to being … Continue reading

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Why Do We Like to Sing in the Shower

Many reasons can explain why we sing in the shower. The most obvious reason — the acoustics in the bathroom. We just sound better to our selves in the bathroom. Because sound more easily bounces off tile and walls in … Continue reading

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Life’s Greatest Mysteries

Ponder these questions that contribute to life’s greatest mysteries: If it’s zero degrees outside, how cold is it if it will be twice as cold tomorrow? Why does “sour” cream have an expiration date? Who decided on what the alphabetical … Continue reading

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My Predictions for 2015

Many predictions lists are published at the beginning of the year. They are almost as prevalent as New Year’s resolutions. And, with lots of good intentions, which fail sometime not long later. Here’s my first attempt at predictions. It will … Continue reading

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2014 IPOs set 14-Year Record

According to data from Renaissance Capital the number of IPOs launched in 2014 hit a record of 273. That compares to the most active year in 2000, right before the Internet bubble burst and there were 406 IPOs. The number … Continue reading

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